Eye of the Deep

Part I: The Adventure Begins

The adventure began when Thorn, Dirk, and Abrax were accosted by the local insane woman, Olga the Mad, who conned them into visiting a local druid because of an “ancient prophecy.” On the way, they murdered some goblins, but that was ok, because they were goblins, and besides, we got 4sp out of it, as well as the joy of watching Thorn punch Abrax in the face by sheer accident. When they arrived, they talked to the hermit druid Zanhan, who told them what little he knew about her disjointed ramblings, mostly about a magic wishing pond that made her immortal and how the Eye of the Deep is coming to doom the world. The group returned to Milshire, meeting Seaamros as he was being kicked out of town. In exchange for his good behavior regarding the important personages of the town, Dirk convinced Captain Tillian to allow him to remain with the party. They found the crazed old woman, and having gotten the information on where the pond was, carried her laboriously to the place, miles away. They arrived at the pond, and while discussing how to get to the island in the center, she vanished so hard that spot checks need not apply. We left our adventurers having just crossed the pond.

Names to Remember:
*Captain Tillian: Runs the militia. No sense of humor, but a decint fellow.
*Lord and Lady Tenearth: Have yet to meed. Lords and Ladies dangerous by default. Try not to piss them off either.
*Olga the Mad: Lying old coot who conned us into the prophecy of hers. Needs a kick in the cooch for our troubles. Dirk volunteers.
*Zanhan: Druid. Seems sane (for a hermit.) Might have half a clue what is going on, told us what he knew, may be lying through his teeth like the old coot.
*Madame Graveltoe: Gnomish innkeeper. Serves a good Rat Stew.

Loot this session:
*The priceless memory of watching Thorn punching Abrax in the jaw.
*Blisters on Dirk’s hands from carrying the dumb hag through miles of woodland.

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