Eye of the Deep

The Eye of the Deep, is a new campaign that will take characters from 1st level to epic levels. The campaign will be almost totally influenced by the characters. You can create empires, or destroy them. Create your kingdom, church, wizard tower, or crime syndicate. Enjoy a campaign that you actually get a say in the world and will make lasting changes to. You will control armies of warriors, monks, clerics, rogues, and wizards. Do battle with the hordes of orcs, armies of tyrants, and legions of monsters that seek to destory all that you have created.

This is a open ended campaign that will take place in a modified Faerun. The world is much as the books describe it. The history that you know is what is considered true, but like most history it is written by the victor.

This Campaign is for 4-6 1st lever characters and will take them to epic level.

You may only use the core classes and races for beginning character (Players Handbook and the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide). I will allow LA 0 – 2 races but get approval first. Feats may be used from any of the Forgotten realms books and the WOTC main books (PHB, PHB 2, complete books, and any others as long as you have approval first). You will use the 32 point buys system for your rolls and I would like the fill the core character slots first (rouge, fighter, divine, arcane). You will be allow to take one regional feat out of the FR players Guide and will receive 4 free skill points to spend in the craft skill of your choice. You will also be allowed to use the flaw rules from the unearthed arcana. After the first level then the field of classes will open up quite a bit and more choices will be given. This Campaign will begin in June and will be run every other Tuesday. The time has yet to be decided and will be announced approx. 2 weeks before the start date.

This campaign will start in a small Hamlet of Milshire. It is north of The High Forest and south of the Nether Mountains. The town stands on the bank of the River Raufin about 60 miles from Everlund. This is a small farming community that has a larger than normal size militias due to its proximity to Hellgate keep. This militia is very well trained and commanded by Ex Captain Tillian of the battle mages of Waterdeep. The town has a good trading relationship with the elves of The High Forest and a great relationship with Waterdeep. This allows the adventures to acquire a large amount of specialized goods and basic goods. This includes magical items and alchemic items.

Milshire is home to approx 450 paranoid individuals. Milshire is mainly a farming community. It is self-sustained and can stand to be cut off from trading routes almost indefinitely. The main export is a fine wheat that is a hybrid that can survive and grow in the hottest and the coldest weather in the land. Recently the Shratar tribe of the Bedine have been sending trading caravans to the city in hope of acquiring the wheat that the city is known for. Other than the Bedine nothing out of the ordinary has been going on. Ogla the Mad has been annoying the Patrons of the Graveltoes inn. The very inept Mayor of the town Lord Tyrannth has be raising and lowering taxes at the whim of his subject. His wife Lady Tyrannth is as always locked in her mansion. Captian Tillian is still lording over the local militia. Father Lighttoes of the Holy Order of Palor tends to the very rarely sick people of the town. Madam Graveltoes is still happy to help you forget all of your trouble with her ale and a hot bowl of rat stew.